I grew up literally in the DAWN of the video game era.  I remember PONG!

From then till now there has been much heated debate on the affects of the games on the youth of our world.  Even though the level of condemnation has undulated over the years, the voice of the doomsayers has more often seemed louder. It’s refreshing to see some balance. I always thought (or hoped) that some redeeming value would be found for the time we spent in arcades and in front of our consoles.  This is a documentary that seems to do just that .. IT is an amazing story about an amazing young man!!! ENJOY.

PBJ regulars may remember the tournament in the spring of 2013 that Robert  visited (and won) ..

WIZARD MODE from Salazar on Vimeo.

WIZARD MODE is the story of Robert Gagno as he rises up the ranks of the international pinball circuit while striving to gain his independence and transcend the label of autism. This is a short film version of our debut feature length documentary of the same name. To contribute to the feature-length documentary go to: igg.me/at/wizardmodefilm


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A special thanks to Mac Demarco and Captured Tracks for letting us use the song “Cooking Up Something Good”

Produced with the support of TELUS

Produced and Directed by SALAZAR
Editor Greg Ng
Assistant Editor Graham Fortin
Composer Edo Van Breemen
Associate Producer Sara Wylie
Sound Design and Mix Oscar Vargas and Eugenio Battaglia


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