Advice for all of us!!!

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Travel league , monthly tournaments or just good old fashioned fun, there are lots of great tips in this article … enjoy     “This article was originally published on Pavlov Pinball Play better! Pinball tips from the world’s top competitors Don’t let your knees go all trembly for starters Posted on 3rd March 2015 […]

Where’s the DUDE ????

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Where’s the DUDE ????

Possibly the most frequently asked question regarding what new machines are coming to PBJ. Here is the latest update from the team at DUTCH PINBALL             Dear Kim, The past weeks were intense for the electronic department of our factory. They have been looking into electronic issues that we encountered […]

Wizard Mode

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I grew up literally in the DAWN of the video game era.  I remember PONG! From then till now there has been much heated debate on the affects of the games on the youth of our world.  Even though the level of condemnation has undulated over the years, the voice of the doomsayers has more […]


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Pinball enthusiasts will understand what I mean , chasing the dragon. It all starts with that first time you really PLAY a pinball machine.  I don’t mean those times you thoughtlessly dropped a few coins in and plunged 3 balls while you and your friends joked about the artwork ..  I mean that time you […]

40th Anniversary : HE CALLED THE SHOT

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It may be hard to imagine a time when something as enjoyable and harmless  as pinball was illegal, but  living in Colorado over the past couple years it’s  now not hard to imagine what happens after a silly law prohibiting personal freedom is finally “run out of town”.  Roger Sharpe played  a pivotal role in […]


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Finally, the long awaited new STERN pinball, themed on the very popular HBO series GAME OF THRONES has come to PBJ.   We un-boxed and set it up last week and many of our regulars have already given it a whirl. If you are a fan of the show or not, this is a seriously […]