At PBJ Pinball Leagues run throughout the year. Leagues are 8-10 weeks long ending with a tournament.

Individual League: For those seriously enthusiastic about pinball. Individual players compete every week with other players trying to get the highest scores on each game they play. You meet other players, learn different strategies and at the end of league the standings are submitted to the International Flipper Pinball Association for World Pinball Player Rankings (WPPR) points…Commonly referred to as “Whopper points”. WPPR points determine a players ranking across the world.

Team League: This is a new concept in Pinball Playing-and it’s starting right here at PBJ. So you like pinball, you may even love it, but committing and playing individually is not what your looking for. How about a Pingolf format? You play an 18-hole course with your team mates; 2 holes a night against another team for 9 weeks, then league ending tournament.  Its low key, low commitment, HIGH FUN and plenty of opportunity to enjoy pinball. Teams can be anywhere from 4 players on up. Only 4 players are needed each night so you can have plenty of subs or pick up one when you need it!img_0144_19472411575_o