Upcoming Events

Monthly Tournaments

The first sunday of each month is tournament time!
Entry Fee: $10 (100% of Entry fees will go into the prize pool)
Sign-Ups: 3PM-4PM
Start Time: 4PM
Formats: Group Knock-Out  |   Match Play

League Nights

Each Season, Pinball Jones hosts a weekly Pinball League.
One of the best ways to boost your skills, with 12, 10, or 6 Weeks of friendly, competitive pinball.

League Dues: $20 ($10 for first time players)
Start Time: 7PM
Format: Group Match Play (8/6/4/2 Scoring)
Finals: Tournament: Double Elimination Bracket

Intimidated? Don’t be!
Our regulars will show you the ropes, teach you the tricks, and make you a pinball wizard in no time.